sábado, 23 de outubro de 2010


Death waits inside us for a door to open.
Death is patient as a dead cat.
Death is a doorknob made of flesh.
Death is that angelic farm girl
gored by the bull on her way home
from school, crossing the pasture
for a shortcut. In the seventh grade
she couldn't read or write. She wasn't a virgin.
She was "simpleminded," we all said.
It was May, a time of lilacs and shooting stars.
She's lived in my memory for sixty years.
Death steals everything except our stories.

ps. tenho uma gatinha persa nova :3 chama-se Tequilla ^^

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sofiaszafman ♥ disse...

Obrigadaaa ! x)
E taao fofo o teu gato(a)
Adoro o nomee xb

Sara Martins disse...

é linda +.+

sz disse...


Otília Milhomens disse...

loool death death death e dps vem o ps :D eheh :D mt fofa a tua cat :P como a dona